Welcome to Cape Fear Catamarans of the Southeast.

Our boats come from a heritage of sturdy, long wearing work boats with indestructible hulls. For 18 years we have been designing and building those hulls to perform up and down the east coast, constantly refining the design to improve efficiency. It just happens these hulls evolved into real beauties.

Our commitment over the last two years has been to take these tried and true hulls and bring the most beautiful, efficient and toughest crossover bay boats to the recreational market. We use only the highest quality marine and aircraft grade aluminum alloy material. And that is also why we are able to bring you a lifetime hull warranty.

This is a boat that you can take offshore day fishing and flounder gig that night. Get up the next day and take the family picnic anchored up at the lighthouse. Our boats have wide open decks for fishing, or fill the deck with our CatBag Seats for comfort second to none.

So if you see yourself slicing through wake and chop at 42mph in 10-11″ of water – take a further look at our FireCAT 22!